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Partnerships Bring Success

After almost 5 years as an officer at the Arizona Department of Corrections who would have thought I would be waiting outside the Lewis Complex to pick up a soon to be ex-inmate. After graduating from the Second Chance Program, a phone interview, and an in-person meeting with members of the Hickman’s HR Team… Aaron King aka “Chucky” was escorted by DOC staff for the last time. 

The Correctional Officer opened the back of the transport vehicle and a young man dressed in slacks, a dress shirt,  and a tie emerged. To my surprise, the only thing that gave away his inmate status was the crispy white new balances. Although his getup was a little wrinkled and the tie was too short, he was ready to leave his old life behind and he was dressed for success. (special thanks to COIII Smith for helping arrange the pick-up) 

On the day of his release (7/25/2018): we were able to report to the parole office, register for food stamps, and thanks to All Faiths Community Services we were able to obtain a food box and clothes to float him until he starts getting paid from his acquired position at Hickman’s Family Farms. The absolute best part of the day was when King found a DOC hat that had been donated to All Faith’s. He puts the hat on, points a finger at me, and says, “You’re on Report”… the irony. (Photo Attached)

 The bottom line is: he was released from prison today and he has a job, he has a fully furnished apartment to call his own, food in his fridge, and (based on the way the other second chance guys embraced him) he has a family.

Aaron Cheatham

Reentry and Transition Manager

Hickman’s Family Farm



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