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Weekend Snack Sacks

The weekend snack sack project is a collaborative partnership between the food bank and local schools who have identified children going hungry on the weekends.

Each week a two day supply of kid friendly, shelf stable foods are put together and distributed on Friday.

For Each Child:

*2 Breakfast *2 Lunch *2 Dinner
— Oatmeal ——- Soup —— Chili
—-Granola Bar — Pasta —– Canned Stew

*2 Fruits *2 Sides *2 Snacks
Fruit Cups —- Chips —– Cookie
Fruit Snack — Cheese/Crackers —- Brownie

*2 Beverages
Boxed Juice/ Shelf Stable Milk

Donations are desperately needed to make sure all the children have food on the weekends.  Items needed include: fruit cups, canned pasta, individual servings of soup, single-serving boxes of cold cereal and individual servings of oatmeal, pudding cups, mac and cheese, cans of tuna, chicken, vienna sausages, and other meats, as well as granola bars.