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Emergency Food & Baby Boxes


1. Come to one of our food bank sites

Buckeye - 214 S. 5th Street

(Located in the heart of Old Town Buckeye off 5th Street & Clanton)

Goodyear - 918 S. Litchfield Rd. Bldg. B

(Sponsored site @ the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church)


2. Show proof of residency

Proof of residency can be shown by your ID with current address, utility bill, lease agreement or any other article that shows you are living in the area.

(If you aren't from our neck of the woods, call us we can help you locate the nearest food source to you)


3. Self Certify

No longer do you have to show proof of income, bring in those old pay stubs or last years tax return...really it shouldn't have to be that hard!!

Instead, you tell us based off of the Federal Poverty Guideline Sheet that is right at your finger tips when you come in if you are eligible.

(and if you don't meet those guidelines we have other programs to help)

What comes in the boxes you ask? 

How often can I receive assistance?

These are great questions and a lot of what you are asking is based off of supply and demand.

What we try to do is provide a three day supply of supplemental food.

There is on average about 16#'s of canned goods;

* Fruit     * Veggies     *Cereal/Breakfast Bars     *Soup     * Canned Protein(meats/nuts)     *Starch(pasta/potatoes/rice)     *Beans(canned or dry)     *Beverages(juice/other)

Then we add the perishables;

*Milk     *Eggs     *Cheese     *Yogurt    *Meats     *Breads     *Pastries

(other miscellaneous items as available)  

Emergency Baby Box;

There are really two different types of baby boxes

* Diapers/Formula - for those children up to 1 year of age

* Diapers Only - for those children 13months to 2years

(upon availability we may include jarred baby food, rice cereal and other miscellaneous items)

(I always say, "it doesn't hurt to ask")


Frequency on the Emergency Food and Baby Boxes;

►Emergency Food Boxes (EFB) -- provided to individuals and families based on federal poverty guidelines at 1 per month.

►Emergency Baby Boxes (EBB) – are available to families with infants up to 2years based on federal poverty guidelines at 1 per month.

For additional comments or questions feel free to contact one of our food bank sites;

  • Buckeye - (623) 386-3513
  • Goodyear - (480) 652-2415

There is a friendly person waiting to answer your question.