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Weekend Snack Sacks

Weekend Snack Sacks

Many children rely on the breakfast and lunch programs during the school day to provide their meals.  Unfortunately some of these children go all weekend with nothing to eat.

The Weekend Snack Sack project is a collaborative partnership between All Faith Community Services and local schools who have identified children going hungry on the weekends.  So far over 110 children have been identified to be included in this program- with additional children expected to be added as the school year begins on August 8th.

Each week a two day supply of kid friendly, shelf stable foods are put together and distributed on Friday.


*2 breakfast items (Hot cereal pack/Granola Bar

*2 lunch items (Soup/Canned Pasta)

*2 dinner items (Canned Soup)

*2 sides (Chips/Cheese-n-crackers

*2 fruits (Fruit Cup/Fruit Snack)

*2 snacks (Cookie/Brownie)

*2 beverages (Boxed Juice/Shelf Stable Milk

Donations are desperately needed to make sure all the children have food on the weekends.  Items needed include: fruit cups, canned pasta, individual servings of soup, single-serving boxes of cold cereal and individual servings of oatmeal, pudding cups, mac and cheese, cans of tuna, chicken, Vienna sausages, and other meats, as well as granola bars,

Donated items can be dropped off Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at All Faith Community Services Food Bank in Buckeye.



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