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Volunteers – We Need You!

Volunteers – We Need You!

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scene’s of a Non-Profit? 

Who are all the people that make it happen? 

Where do all the resources come from to make up a food box or have a clothing bank?

Well, you guessed it.  It is people just like you who have a desire to give back, pay it forward, share the burden.

Call us at 623-386-3513 to learn how you can help!



  1. I was wondering if you have a need for volunteer help on Saturdays?

    • Hi Kim.
      Sorry it took this long to answer your posting. We do need volunteers on some Saturdays. If you call Pat at 623-386-3513 and ask to sign up for Saturday volunteering she will be able to let you know what Saturday’s are available.

      Thanks so much for you inquiry.

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