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About Us

Who we are…

All Faith Community Services is a faith-based, self-help community service organization. It is a non-profit, charitable, 501 (c) (3) which receives its funding from private donations, grants and charitable contributions. It is supported by churches, businesses and individuals who want to foster positive change in the Community. All Faith’s Mission is to: Help People; Change Lives; and Impact Communities.


~ Helping People

All Faith helps individuals and families who are in critical need. It provides emergency food supplies, clothing and basic necessities to individuals and families who have immediate, critical needs.


~ Changing Lives

All Faith not only provides emergency assistance, it provides the impetus, training and resources to get people from poverty to productivity. Through its individualized case management, training and support programs, All Faith takes a self-help approach to encourage individuals to - build work skills - get a job – overcome obstacles and improve their lives as well as those of their families.


~ Impacting Communities

Unlike other “hand-out” programs, All Faith seeks to make profound, long-lasting changes in the lives of the individuals it serves.  With its self-help and work-based programs, it provides support, direction and training to assure that individuals who are in chronic need become employed, self-sufficient and most importantly, productive members of the Community.  Through All Faith, people are helped, lives are changed and communities are impacted.

Vision Statement

          All Faith looks to empower people to rise above their circumstances

Our Goal

          All Faith’s goal is to provide assistance and resources to people in need and help them recognize and address their problems in a life-Changing manner.


Our Objective

             All Faith’s objective is to network all groups with like vision to share in the responsibility of making our community more united. To utilize all of the resources available in the community to help our disadvantaged improve their lives and those of their families which will bring positive change to our communities.